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BCC:…The Way to Go!

This is a protocol that is basic, but prudent.  If you are sending your resume out en masse, don’t just cc anyone and everyone you can find on the internet with your resume and press send.  Do I want to be included with 20 other agencies on an email?  No I do not!  It doesn’t make me rush to contact the individual, in fact, just the opposite.  The BCC tool is a beautiful thing.  You can put as many emails as you like and no one can see any of the other addresses.  I actually had one of the “Big 5” Banks respond to an RFP in a mass email once.  I could see all the other agencies that had RFP’d in one shot!  Totally inappropriate!  From then on I’ve had a real “thing” about it.  How to wrap it up in two words or less:   “good manners”.

Be available.

Be AVAILABLE when you are looking for a job.  There is nothing more annoying than having to chase people for days on end when they have told you that they are ACTIVELY seeking employment.  It is necessary to have an email address that you check regularly, and a phone number where you can be reached within a few hours.  Some clients book appointments on the spur of the moment if an executive becomes available, and if we have to wait to hear from someone for a day or two they may completely miss out on opportunities.