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So you think you’re a Recruiter?

Why do so many people think they can hang out a shingle proclaiming they are a “professional” recruiter? Here’s my take on this! Most people have no idea how much work goes into a professional search. There are many moving pieces, expenses, compliance and legal issues and relationships to stay on top of. We have rent to pay like everyone else. We also pay software costs to protect our candidate and client info. We need to have a solid understanding of the marketplace, the industries and the cities we work in.

Connecting an Executive with the right Assistant will affect both of their lives for a long period of time so it is important to have all of their needs in mind when matching them up. We may send a select few for interviews but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen triple the amount of people to narrow it down to the best “fit”. So, the next time you see, “send us your resume”, check out where it’s landing. Some associations and networking organizations do not have the HRIS in place to protect your identity or the confidentiality of your application. Who knows where your resume may land, right back in the hands of your boss or one of his direct reports?

It’s a complicated business that requires years of experience and training to get the best results.

Don’t Kill The Messenger…

When you work with a Professional Recruiter be cognizant that we DO NOT make the final decision.  It is our job to screen, interview, make appropriate introductions, provide consulting services, and perform due diligence. We do not, and cannot, choose an EA or PA for a President or CEO. This would be like an arranged marriage; really a gamble whether it will work out. The relationship between an Executive and his EA is a very personal one. If there is not trust there, there will definitely not be a successful business partnership. So please keep in mind that if you are not chosen as a successful candidate don’t kill the messenger.  We are just a guide to the process.  If you send us an angry response that blames us or paints us in a bad light chances are we won’t present you for other roles as they come available.