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Will you be my EA?

Will you be my EA? I don’t know. Are you sharp and on the ball? Can you think on your feet? I can be difficult and I have the occasional mood swing. I’m fussy about what I eat. I hate going to the airport 5 hours early and I hate waiting for taxi’s and shuttles. I hate BAD customer service. What do you think so far?
Here’s the thing. I’m not looking for an EA right now but I look constantly for my clients, and I’ve seen and heard A LOT out there in the marketplace. If you want to be a great EA you really need to be proactive and resourceful. Thinking on your feet is an understatement, so when someone I am representing asks me for directions to get somewhere, or for an address, or for a good parking lot, I really have to take pause and wonder! But you’re the EA… I’m thinking. Look up the address on the website, then google the directions from your starting point, then find a City lot or street parking. There are websites for that. So, yes, I’m still wondering???? Will you be my EA? Not likely! Will you be an EA to the guy who throws staplers when he gets frustrated? Not likely, unless you’re up for a head injury.
Show your stuff during the interview process. Be the best you can be…at all times. We know you can!