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Why do Companies keep Toxic Employees?

I had an individual email me yesterday who told me a story about a temp assignment she is on that would just blow you away (not a client of mine nor will they ever be)! There was an EA there who was so abusive and toxic the poor woman actually feared for her physical safety! She screamed in her face, and called her names in front of the whole office. This is a company that you would recognize, not just some underground sweatshop. High profile. Why in the world would any Executive who witnessed this type of behaviour not bring the individual to human resources immediately and start the termination process??? Yes, there is risk in terminating a long term employee but in a situation like this any Employment Lawyer will tell you that you are well within the law to terminate them with cause! Start a paper trail from the beginning. Don’t wait until individuals like this get out of control and feel that the behaviour is acceptable. Unfortunately, I hear about this type of behaviour all the time. Why would anyone want to work for a company that condones this type of behaviour? Trust me, word gets around, and eventually they lose access to the good talent pool. Stand up to these people human resources. Don’t let them destroy your company culture!