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Don’t be a “phone stalker”.

In the age of technology, do people really expect a human being on reception anymore?  I had a receptionist for years but I found that neither the candidates nor the clients found much value in utilizing this service.  90% of our dealings came through email and the receptionist was kept busy with clerical work that they didn’t really enjoy.  I finally came to the realization that most people were so used to leaving messages and sending emails that I could utilize technology just as effectively.  That being said, there are those of you who we will call “phone stalkers” that insist on calling the incoming line over and over again and NOT leaving a message.  I had an individual last week who called our line over 20 times in ONE day.  We can see the name and number over and over again in the call log.  This leads me to question this person’s sanity!  If you get voicemail leave a well-worded message in a clear voice stating the nature of your call and your call back number and even an email address.  Don’t be a “phone stalker”.

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