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I Assume you Intend to be in this Job for Life?

Why is it that when some people land a job they ask to be taken off all the distribution lists they were on when they were actively seeking a job? In this economy can they be certain they are going to be a “lifer”? This is really short sighted! If you want to be removed from Indeed or Workopolis I can understand. They send a volume of emails for jobs that may not be relevant on a daily basis. However, staying on the “radar” with a focused recruitment agency can pay off down the road. We always appreciate it if people pass our Job Alerts along to others as well. If you’re not looking why not share potential opportunities with friends or colleagues who are? Networking and learning should be on-going in any career. Don’t live in a one-job bubble because when the bubble bursts you’ll have nowhere to start looking and no contacts to reach out to.

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