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Mastering Microsoft 365

Online Training

Don’t miss out – become a Microsoft 365 expert and elevate your office efficiency! Invest a few hours now to save countless hours in the future. Showcase your skills as the 365 Ninja your office needs!

Consider the time savings – for you and your team – when everyone operates more efficiently. That extra time can be redirected to tackle other essential tasks at work.

Join Neil Malek, an incredibly talented and patient expert, for a transformative six-hour workshop on “Microsoft 365: Managing Projects and Teams with Confidence.” This small group, online workshop is split into two digestible three-hour sessions, recorded for your convenience (available for 60 days.) Neil doesn’t just talk—you’ll be actively creating in real-time during this hands-on workshop!

Dates: December 5-6, 2023 1:00 – 4:00 ET (Toronto/New York) each afternoon.

Cost: $595 per person (in Canadian or US dollars based on your location). Special Offer: $100 off per person for groups of five or more!


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