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Recruiting in 2017: Should Your Search Strategy Change

recruiting search strategy

Whether you’re recruiting an Executive Assistant, a senior Finance Position, or even a CFO, a number of factors have materialized over the course of 2016 requiring businesses to modify how they source and recruit candidates for their workforce. Read on for a few of the ways you should be changing your search strategy to align with 2017 recruiting trends:

Recruiting Strategies Directly Affect Brand

Companies go to great lengths to build and execute an effective Brand utilizing successful marketing strategies. From website development to content marketing to trade shows, many businesses spend a great deal of money on marketing each year with one audience in mind: potential talent. But what good is a marketing strategy if your candidate and employee experience is poor? With the popularity of online employer review sites like Glassdoor, job seekers and employees are much more willing to share a review to recap their experience working and/or interviewing with your company. In fact, nearly 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience and 72% talk about it. Not only does your candidate experience affect the talent pool that’s available, but also could be turning away potential customers as these reviews are 100% public.

How to modify your recruiting and search strategy in 2017

Be transparent about your hiring process (include it in your job description or job posting!) and keep your applicants in the loop with consistent updates along the way. Be wary of lengthy interview processes and long stretches between communication with prospects.  This will cause unnecessary delays in filling and backfilling roles and will also directly result in candidates losing interest or posting negative feedback online.

Generation Z is Changing the Workforce

2015 was the year Generation Z entered the workforce. Skip forward to now, GenZers are making big changes in the way companies are recruiting. While the group is extremely tech savvy, GenZers favour face-to-face communication and video calls over social media, text messaging, and other tech platforms. This is a major shift that needs to be translated in search and recruiting strategies. Companies must also continue to effectively recruit other crucial demographics by utilizing appropriate technologies such as Skype and Zoom, but must also be comfortable with good old fashioned face to face interviewing for Senior Administrative staffing such as Executive and Personal Assistants and Executive Search.  Diversify and you will not leave top talent behind.

How to modify your recruiting and search strategy in 2017

Don’t rely solely on job boards to find the right candidates. Be open to working with a recruiting partner that has access to a niche network of qualified talent when necessary. Your partner should have strong communication skills and be willing to work within your processes, and uphold your brand.

More HR Leaders Sitting in at the Executive Table

Traditionally, HR has worked in the background of the company, filling positions and essentially building the company’s workforce. But a 2016 study found that 83% of companies surveyed said talent is the number one priority in the organization. This means that HR leaders are finally getting an opportunity to have their say in talent management as it relates to the pursuit of growing the company.

How to modify your recruiting and search strategy in 2017

Have a clearly defined talent acquisition strategy and ensure you’re leveraging the best talent pools to find your candidates. Show the Executives you’re contributing to the growth of the company by having access to elite networks of candidates.

One of the common threads among these recruiting trends is the increasing need for a humanized hiring process with ongoing communication with candidates. With more and more opportunities for candidates and employees to share negative feedback about a company, it’s important to ensure your recruitment strategy is effective for your business but also creates a positive candidate experience.

Planning to recruit an Executive or Personal Assistant in 2017? Talk to an expert about how to find the best talent.

Will you be my EA?

Will you be my EA? I don’t know. Are you sharp and on the ball? Can you think on your feet? I can be difficult and I have the occasional mood swing. I’m fussy about what I eat. I hate going to the airport 5 hours early and I hate waiting for taxi’s and shuttles. I hate BAD customer service. What do you think so far?
Here’s the thing. I’m not looking for an EA right now but I look constantly for my clients, and I’ve seen and heard A LOT out there in the marketplace. If you want to be a great EA you really need to be proactive and resourceful. Thinking on your feet is an understatement, so when someone I am representing asks me for directions to get somewhere, or for an address, or for a good parking lot, I really have to take pause and wonder! But you’re the EA… I’m thinking. Look up the address on the website, then google the directions from your starting point, then find a City lot or street parking. There are websites for that. So, yes, I’m still wondering???? Will you be my EA? Not likely! Will you be an EA to the guy who throws staplers when he gets frustrated? Not likely, unless you’re up for a head injury.
Show your stuff during the interview process. Be the best you can be…at all times. We know you can!

Why does everyone have to be a Leader?

Why are there so many articles about becoming a leader? What does being a “leader” mean exactly? According to LinkedIn and the many articles by people who consider themselves leaders, it can mean any number of things. It can mean you are wealthy, philanthropic, a keynote speaker, an executive, a peddler of untruths, a peddler of software, a peddler of consumer goods, and the list goes on!

I have interviewed literally thousands of people and some people just aren’t cut out to be leaders. Or, they just don’t want to be one! They like remaining in quiet and glorious anonymity. They don’t feel the need to voice their opinion on every subject. They don’t constantly fight on behalf of themselves and their colleagues for their “right” to more money or more time off. They are happy in their own skin, and don’t feel any pressure to be a leader of others, or to change the world in some colossal way.

It’s funny, but in some innocuous way these are generally the people who others gravitate to. Their quiet confidence lends them some peace, while the rest of the office feels the need to step on the other guy to be heard. Must we put a label on everyone? The Beatles had the idea…sometimes you just need to “let it be”. If everyone is a leader then who are they leading?

So you think you’re a Recruiter?

Why do so many people think they can hang out a shingle proclaiming they are a “professional” recruiter? Here’s my take on this! Most people have no idea how much work goes into a professional search. There are many moving pieces, expenses, compliance and legal issues and relationships to stay on top of. We have rent to pay like everyone else. We also pay software costs to protect our candidate and client info. We need to have a solid understanding of the marketplace, the industries and the cities we work in.

Connecting an Executive with the right Assistant will affect both of their lives for a long period of time so it is important to have all of their needs in mind when matching them up. We may send a select few for interviews but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen triple the amount of people to narrow it down to the best “fit”. So, the next time you see, “send us your resume”, check out where it’s landing. Some associations and networking organizations do not have the HRIS in place to protect your identity or the confidentiality of your application. Who knows where your resume may land, right back in the hands of your boss or one of his direct reports?

It’s a complicated business that requires years of experience and training to get the best results.

I Assume you Intend to be in this Job for Life?

Why is it that when some people land a job they ask to be taken off all the distribution lists they were on when they were actively seeking a job? In this economy can they be certain they are going to be a “lifer”? This is really short sighted! If you want to be removed from Indeed or Workopolis I can understand. They send a volume of emails for jobs that may not be relevant on a daily basis. However, staying on the “radar” with a focused recruitment agency can pay off down the road. We always appreciate it if people pass our Job Alerts along to others as well. If you’re not looking why not share potential opportunities with friends or colleagues who are? Networking and learning should be on-going in any career. Don’t live in a one-job bubble because when the bubble bursts you’ll have nowhere to start looking and no contacts to reach out to.

Don’t Kill The Messenger…

When you work with a Professional Recruiter be cognizant that we DO NOT make the final decision.  It is our job to screen, interview, make appropriate introductions, provide consulting services, and perform due diligence. We do not, and cannot, choose an EA or PA for a President or CEO. This would be like an arranged marriage; really a gamble whether it will work out. The relationship between an Executive and his EA is a very personal one. If there is not trust there, there will definitely not be a successful business partnership. So please keep in mind that if you are not chosen as a successful candidate don’t kill the messenger.  We are just a guide to the process.  If you send us an angry response that blames us or paints us in a bad light chances are we won’t present you for other roles as they come available.

Why do Companies keep Toxic Employees?

I had an individual email me yesterday who told me a story about a temp assignment she is on that would just blow you away (not a client of mine nor will they ever be)! There was an EA there who was so abusive and toxic the poor woman actually feared for her physical safety! She screamed in her face, and called her names in front of the whole office. This is a company that you would recognize, not just some underground sweatshop. High profile. Why in the world would any Executive who witnessed this type of behaviour not bring the individual to human resources immediately and start the termination process??? Yes, there is risk in terminating a long term employee but in a situation like this any Employment Lawyer will tell you that you are well within the law to terminate them with cause! Start a paper trail from the beginning. Don’t wait until individuals like this get out of control and feel that the behaviour is acceptable. Unfortunately, I hear about this type of behaviour all the time. Why would anyone want to work for a company that condones this type of behaviour? Trust me, word gets around, and eventually they lose access to the good talent pool. Stand up to these people human resources. Don’t let them destroy your company culture!

Avoid tardiness by being prepared.

I’m always surprised when people are late for their appointments in this day and age but it happens to me all the time!  It would seem glaringly obvious that you should write down the address or have it saved in your phone.  We are not listed on the directory in the lobby so as to avoid people walking in off the street.  This is a business choice and it saves us from spending time explaining to people we are appointment based only.  It’s amazing how many people show up in the building and rely on the directory for the suite #, and then start calling our switchboard in a panic because they are now late for their interview.